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Interview: Julie Ragolia x At Large Magazine by Billy Reid

Kento Spanos

Julie Ragolia, stylist and Fashion Director of At Large Magazine, sits down with Billy Reid Journal to discuss styling, her role at At Large, and more with snapshots of her gorgeous NYC home.

Journal: At Large is a visually stunning collage of art, fashion and intellect. Who are your readers?

Julie Ragolia: Thank you! We’re excited by how well the magazine has been received since launching this past December. Our readers have a strong sense of who they are, and a fervent interest in culture at large. The magazine was conceived as a journey to be taken with our readers: art, culture, intellect, style; with touches of humor. At Large reads as would a stimulating conversation amongst friends. That’s how it was conceived, actually. Randall Mesdon, Enrico Pirondi, Erik Rasmussen, Bill Mullen, myself, and everyone else involved in this project… we’ve all collaborated and shared ideas over many years, all the while being At Large in pursuit of our separate careers, so it was only natural that we put the effort into creating At Large in the manner we did.

J: You have an impressive bio, having worked with eminent fashion photographers, luxury brands and high profile celebrities. What have some of your favorite projects been?

JR: I recently got back from London, where I styled Hardy Amies’ runway show during LC:M. I love the thrill of runway. It’s very different than editorial because it has more of an immediate, emotional impact, as opposed to page turning, which is more contemplative. I love the way sound informs the story as well. It’s so passionate. I also spent a good amount of time styling Brad Pitt this past year. If ever there was a milestone to be achieved as a stylist, Brad has definitely always been one of mine. I worked with him (as well as Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman and Jon Bernthall) for the press surrounding Fury’s release. It culminated in two days in the Redwoods with Brad and Mark Selliger for Details. Truly an adventure I still smile upon having had the chance to take.

J: As fashion director of At Large, how does your vision for these pages differ from other publication projects?

JR: There’s a certain freedom with At Large that we all feel; a degree of expression that incorporates our larger interests in culture. It opens the magazine up to so many more broader conversations, as well as an expanded readership demographic. For me, in terms of fashion, I’m always interested in personality and believability as a starting point. I think it creates a second layer to a fashion story that works alongside clothing; something akin to documentary. There’s always an adventurer at the heart of each story we tell, whether it’s a surfer in Cornwall that photographer, Ben Weller, discovered for issue one, or Jack O’Connell, whose role choices as an actor are taking him and his career on a whole new journey.

Source: Billy Reid