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Art-a-Porter by Susanne Bartsch, September 7-11

Kento Spanos

New York City's golden goddess of nightlife, Susanne Bartsch is curating a 4 day series of art installations in Times Square, Art-a-Porter.  The multi-installation, multi-venue, multi-artist show runs through out fashion week, from September 7th to September 11th.  Knowing Ms. Bartsch, expect to experience something part runway, part MoMA, and part Salvador Dali acid trip.  Here is her personal invitation, and the installation calendar:

Art-A-Porter is a celebration of art and fashion, featuring some of the most cutting edge artists in New York.

Kicking off on Sunday Sept 7th and ending on Sept 11th.
From 4:30pm to 11pm we will be taking over Times Square.

With live art ranging from a Surrealist Picnic to a Human Petting Zoo, Art-A-Porter showcases the ground breaking innovation of todays underground culture.

Hope to see you there.

Love Susanne xxx