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INTERVIEW: Mitja Bokun by Swide Magazine

George Root

Dolce and Gabbana's Luxury Magazine, Swide, took a moment with our newest illustrator, Mitja Bokun, to discuss his illustration style and upcoming projects.

An excerpt: 

Hi Mitja, I am so happy to finally have the chance to feature you on Swide this week! So here is my first question. Out of all the categories in the illustration field, why are you particularly interested in drawing portraits?
I really love to sketch people. They always give me thrills and excitements, because I think there is nothing harder than drawing a human face. After years of finding my style and my path, at my first portraits exhibitions, a known Slovenian fine artist came to me and said: “this is it, this is you!” I believed him and so I decided to focus on portraits. Now my mission is to combine portrait and fashion together because I want to give observer a little excitement and a lot of thinking, all combined into fashion industry.

I am glad you listened to that artist and started to focus on portraits from that moment on. Just like that artist, I do believe your works are truly unique. How do you describe your illustration style?
I actually don’t think my style is anything special. I use Parker ink, water,  small brush and some color ink for finishing. I can describe my style as “detailed expressionism”. Certain parts are done in high realism (usually those parts are what attracted me the most, such as hairstyle or glasses), other parts are really made in free flow way,  and some parts are not even included in the image.