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INTERVIEW: Gloria Noto by Nasty Gal + Lessons From The Pros

Kento Spanos

Makeup artist and EIC of The Work Magazine, Gloria Noto talks to e-retailer Nasty Gal about her work and magazine as well as sharing some professional tips on how to achieve that perfect 'dewy' look.  

1. Start off with moisturized skin to give the perfect dewy prep.

2. After things are glossy, add a sheer tinted foundation to keep a light glowing look, starting out in the center of the face and blending outward toward your neck. This keeps the infamous foundation ring around the jawline at bay. 

3. Next, with a pointed brush, add a v shape at the corners of the eyes using your brightest pink lipstick! Using a lipstick keeps that glossy, creamy vibe going.

4. With a clear gloss, get a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dab it on the center of your eyelids and gently over the pink in the outer corners. Using a gloss will allow the pink to blend in with the rest of the eye for a more natural look.