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Maxine Leonard and Karin Bigler For Wonderland, December 2014, Featuring Taylor Swift

Kento Spanos

Makeup artist Maxine Leonard and hairstylist Karin Bigler for Taylor Swift, featured in Wonderland Magazine's December 2014 issue. Photographed by Thomas Whiteside. Styled by Danielle Emerson.

The shoot, a radical departure from Swift's signature aesthetic was covered by Yahoo Beauty.

“The team were keen to push for an androgynous feel with Taylor,” says Leonard. “Slightly toughening up her natural look with a strong brow and her hair taken off her face.” Bigler says that once the team agreed to take Swift’s look in a new direction, Whiteside came up with a beautiful Richard Avedon/Kate Moss reference and Swift was totally up for it. “Editorially, the idea is to change a look and push an image forward,” says Leonard. “It’s a big ask.” Bigler adds, “We all presented our ideas to Taylor and she was up for it.”
— Maxine Leonard and Karin Bigler